Environment and Clean Energy

Shelly knows the threat climate change poses to coastal Virginia. We need to act now. That’s why she supports solar and offshore wind energy generation, and is committed to lead the charge in making Virginia a truly green, renewable and sustainable state. She will always oppose the expansion of fracking and uranium mining in the Commonwealth. That’s why she has been proud to work with Appalachian Voices and the Press Pause Coalition to call attention to the dangers new gold mining projects pose to drinking water in Virginia. 

Shelly’s membership on the House of Delegates Agriculture, Chesapeake and Natural Resources Committee involves evaluating legislation on many important topics from farming and forestry to stormwater and wetlands management, to parks and conservation easements. During her time in office, the House has passed bills protecting wetlands and open-spaces as well as helping industries like dairy farming and oystering. You can see all of the bills heard in the Agriculture Committee here.

For many years Shelly has collaborated with local conservation minded community groups to protect natural resources in Newport News, including expanding the Riverview Farm Park to the James River to ensure that all Newport News residents have public access to the riverfront and to the recreational opportunities so important to maintaining community health. 

Shelly has also worked with local groups to demand a solution to air pollution in the Southeast Community of Newport News. In the House of Delegates, she has sponsored environmental justice legislation to ensure all people have livable cities with healthy air and clean water in which to live and thrive.