Without access to adequate transportation services, too many Newport News residents struggle to get to work, school or connect to opportunities.  Shelly is deeply committed to public transit because of her recent experience serving as a Commissioner on the Transportation District Commission of Hampton Roads.  She shares the regional goals of Hampton Roads Transit including: encouraging transit oriented development, improving bus stop amenities, increasing ridership, as well as improving connections to military bases, universities and major employment centers.  

Shelly believes that investments in public transit reduce traffic on our highways and help reduce the need for urban sprawl which ultimately destroys our green space. She advocates for increased funding for transit and was a proud supporter of legislation to create the Hampton Roads Regional Transit Fund which resulted in a $30 million investment in a new regional 757 Express bus network.  She will continue to fight for better and safer pedestrian and bike access across the Peninsula, and she works to ensure our tax dollars on transportation are well spent.