Meet Shelly

Together for a better Virginia: a greener, smarter, healthier future for all!

In 2012, I was elected to the School Board on a platform of support for teachers and workforce development. I still feel like I’m on the “teacher team” because I’m fighting to make Virginia the best place for education and I understand, first-hand, the challenges and joys of being a teacher in Newport News. I am also a longtime environmental activist. In fact, the first time I walked the halls of the Virginia General Assembly was as a volunteer for the League of Conservation Voters advocating for clean energy almost 20 years ago.  This work, and my desire to fight for our schools, is why I decided to run for the Virginia House of Delegates.  

My journey in politics has definitely humbled me; I’ve won, I’ve lost, I even had a tied election in 2017.  But what I’ve learned along the way is that elected office is not about having a title, or being important or having power.  It’s about serving others, giving your time and energy to be accessible, to listen, to advocate and to find solutions to the pressing challenges in our community. 

Other Commission & Board Appointments:

  • Aerospace Advisory Council
  • Commission on School Construction and Modernization
  • Maternal Health Data and Quality Measures Task Force
  • Modeling and Simulation Advisory Council
  • Virginia State Director, Women in Government
  • Education Committee, Southern Legislative Conference