Empowering Education, Green Growth, Accessible Care, and Fair Elections

Shelly leading storytime with young local children.


The state of Virginia is dedicated to providing excellent education opportunities to all of its students, and Shelly, a member of the House of Delegates Education Committee, is determined to make that happen. Shelly’s focus on STEM education, career and technical education, and improving teacher compensation is crucial to ensuring that Virginia’s students receive the best education possible. With her work on the State Commission on School Construction and Modernization and her efforts to secure funding for programs such as the Denbigh Aviation Academy’s UAV high school program, Shelly is taking concrete steps to update school infrastructure and prepare students for the demands of a rapidly evolving economy.

Environment and Clean Energy

Climate change is a pressing issue that cannot be ignored, and Shelly, as a member of the House of Delegates Agriculture, Chesapeake and Natural Resources Committee, is committed to addressing it. Through her support of solar and offshore wind energy generation, and her opposition to fracking and uranium mining, Shelly is working to make Virginia a truly green, renewable, and sustainable state. She has also collaborated with local conservation groups to protect natural resources and expand public access to the James River, while also advocating for environmental justice legislation to ensure that all residents have clean air and water. Shelly’s dedication to protecting the environment is essential to ensuring a healthy future for Virginia’s communities.

A row of solar panel arrays

Shelly in discussion with health professionals.

Health and Lowering Drug Costs

Shelly works to improve healthcare access and affordability, including expanding telehealth and eliminating out-of-pocket costs for necessary breast cancer imaging. She opposes prescription drug price gouging.


Shelly prioritizes fair elections as a member of the Privileges and Elections Committee in the House and consistently votes for legislation that makes voting more accessible and opposes bills that would roll back voting rights in Virginia. 

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Shelly is an advocate for public transit in Hampton Roads and as a General Assembly member works in Richmond to make transit affordable and accessible, reduce traffic, improve pedestrian and bike access, and ensure efficient transportation spending.

Protecting Women’s Rights

Shelly defends women’s rights and believes in access to reproductive healthcare, including cancer screenings, prenatal health, and family planning services, without government interference.

Prioritizing Public Safety

Shelly is working to implement common-sense safety with a four point plan to safeguard our communities while respecting the rights of responsible gun owners.